If Your Man Does ANY Of These 5 Things, That’s Your Cue To RUN!

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I admit it — I am an avid fan of The Housewives of New York City. Maybe I’m just curious to see where my neighbors eat or party. Or, maybe I recognize myself and my pals in these ladies’ issues and quandaries. Whatever it is, I’m a groupie. Read More




Top 3 Relationship Killers (Learn To Avoid Them)

Relationship Killers

What are the top 3 relationship killers?

Leo Tolstoy once said: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Analogously, as a dating coach and matchmaker, I see a fair share of relationships gone bad.  Each has its own set of reasons – no two are alike and not one falls apart for only ONE reason. Usually it is a pile-up of bad decisions, coupled with incompatibilities and inflexibilities.

So I will do my best to narrow it down to the three biggies (in the order of increasing severity)

  1. Relationship KillersSETTLING – Way too often people settle for the person they’re with – as opposed to the one that gives them butterflies. It may be a matter of convenience, habit or delusion, but we often box ourselves into relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. That makes it a lot easier to walk away once you realize you are with the wrong person.
  1. LACK OF COMPROMISE – We all come into relationships as individuals set in our ways – with a set of beliefs, habits and preferences. We expect our partners to accommodate us, yet we don’t feel the need to adjust our ways to compliment the relationship dynamic. Relationships are not easy – you have to work on them. Not every decision warrants a battle.  Choose yours.
  1. JEALOUSY (Read: insecurity) – As far as I’m concerned, jealousy is a side effect of a whole bunch of symptoms: insecurity, lack of trust, possessiveness, etc. There are a number of traits – most of them YOUR INTERNAL TRAITS, that manifest themselves in this green eyed monster. One thing is certain: any relationship where jealousy takes front seat is doomed to failure.



2 Reasons You STILL Haven’t Found A Good Man (After ALL These Years)

good man

There are no good men out there?? Girl, you’re clearly overlooking something. good man

When I was seventeen, I either liked people right away … or I didn’t. I didn’t stop much to think about why I felt that way. I was either drawn to a certain person or not. And if I was, they would become my friend. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t even acknowledge their existence because I just didn’t have time for that nonsense. good man Read More

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Why Are You Still Single?

Thursday, February 18, 2016
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